Next Sale:
  JULY 10TH, 21' 
1 pm & 5 pm


2nd Saturday night every month

Our Monthly Horse & Tack Auction is the wildest show in town! New and used tack starts at 1 pm and horses, ponies, donkeys and mules start at 5 pm.

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Horse & Tack Auction


  1. In order to buy or sell, you must register at our office and receive a buyer/seller number.

  2.  New tack is supplied by Andi's Tack out of Newton Grove, NC.

  3. New & used tack starts at 1 pm and horses start at 5 pm.

  4.  Reagan Equine will be on-site for anyone needing a coggins.

  5.  A negative coggins is required for all animals over 6 months of age.

  6. Call Morgan at (910) 654-5281 or (910) 234-5800 for further information.

  7. No Horses will be allowed after 5pm.